Neighborhood Watch

What is a Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood Watch is an effective means of crime control and neighborhood safety.  While not all of the programs in place today go by the same name, they all accomplish the same goal: to utilize the community members as partners to fight crime.  As Minor Aptly wrote, Neighborhood Watch is the key to maintaining successful relationships between the police department and the citizens.

Why begin a Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch strengthens and addresses many things you are already doing, such as knowing your neighborhood, knowing your neighbors, watching your neighbors home, and working as partners to solve problems.  Neighborhood Watch fosters safer streets and homes, community spirit, and strong relationships with your neighbor.  Neighborhood Watch groups embody the power of organization and the ability to focus resources to maintain a safer community.

If your neighborhood is interested in beginning a Neighborhood Watch Program please contact us at 661-792-2121 for more information.