Bicycle Unit

The McFarland Police Department Bicycle Enforcement Team was introduced in 2011.  The team is composed of 2 bike officers.  They have other assigned duties and they patrol on the bikes as needed.  The team is used to supplement the existing patrol force for proactive and selective enforcement in high crime areas where a patrol unit has limited access.  The team also conducts bicycle safety and educational programs for the local schools, youth groups, and service clubs.  The bicycle patrol unit offers a high and low profile police presence to increase public contact and decrease criminal activity.  The program expands the resources of the McFarland Police Department.  The bicycle officer can establish personalized contact with the community and is not isolated in a patrol car.  These citizen contacts also result in a bond and trust between the community and the police; thus, accomplishing our goals within the community-oriented style of policing.  The main goal of the Bicycle Enforcement Team is to protect citizens through high visibility and concentration in smaller patrol areas, to safeguard the property of the community through proactive patrol; and to develop a more personal relationship with the public.